Skilling India to Empower Youth and Nation

The country’s first priority is empower the youth of the country”. The statement sums up the need of the hour, when almost 65 per cent of Indian population is below 35 years of age where others country aging, which constitutes the potential workforce. The situation demands immediate action from the government/Society to utilize this manpower to push the economy to greater heights and not allow them to loss aimlessly, making them potential recruits for anti-national activity. Skill India Mission, therefore, seeks to create “structures and mechanisms to nurture youngsters, enabling them to be strong skilled workforce to making India super power” and to they could also find employment and live a life of dignity.

The ambitious Skill Development Mission primarily aims to developed skills to more than 40 Cr young people by the year 2022. It will not only make the youth capable to get good job and manage food for their family but would also inculcate in them with a sense of self-confidence and respect, and would enthuse fresh energy into the country. The vision behind the skilling India “to create an ecosystem of empowerment by skilling on a large scale and speed with high standards so as to ensure sustainable livelihoods and to place India in the front ranking entrepreneurial and innovative nations”.
Mission Skill India Mission would be biggest game changing steps to skiling youth to meet current market demand as well as future’s demand. If it would be successfully implemented and executed, this scheme would lead to the generation of new skilled workforce that would neutralize the excessive demand for manpower in the key sectors over the next five to seven years. According to many survey which are broadcast by world’s big agency, India will be next super power, it’s not because of only big market but it’s also because of world biggest workforce when maximum workforce is below to 35 years. India could use this young and enthusiastic youth to not only lead the Country but also lead the World.

Skill DevelopmentIt is the outcome and demand based skill training scheme which seeks to train youths who are actually want get some to live a normal life for that outcome based skill training useful and helpful to enable them to earn their livelihood. Under this program, the trainees would be trained, assessed and duly certified as per international standards and demands. The trainees could also to guide them to choose respective area which are highly demanded.The successful implementation of this program would lead to the generation of new skilled workforce that would fulfill the skill demand for manpower in the key sectors over the next five to 10 years.  
Entrepreneurship based skill DevelopmentOne of the most promising features of the Skill India Mission, is the provision of opportunities to develop entrepreneurship skill among youth. It has been successful in realizing and it is the fact that it is practically not possible to provide jobs for all. There is an obvious need to move some proportion of the highly motivated workforce into entrepreneurship, who would be then able to generate employment for others. “It could be only possible when government provide necessarily facility and opportunity. We have focused a lot on entrepreneurship.” An entrepreneurship development program which is presently being formulated by many organizations to promote entrepreneurship zeal among youth. Awareness initiative is working but somehow it is not converting into ground reality. It should be more result oriented. The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has launched program like Start-Up India, Stand-Up India. This program will not only help to create pool of entrepreneur who can help in generation of new businesses but it will also smoothen up the process of starting new start-up ventures.

ImpactIn coming years, as global survey indicating, coming decades for India, India will be the next growth machine, will lead world growth path. After around 3 decades of China, next for India to lead. After few years, India will face a huge demand for skilled manpower. As per government data, IT and Technology industry alone would require million people over next 5-6 years. Infrastructure development industry would also require 10 Cr. People over next 4-5 years. Clothing and textile industry would require 3.5 Cr.Data show that India would soon need skilled worker to fulfill the future demand. It’s been challenging task to train unskilled to skilled workforce due to inadequate infrastructure but it is not impossible. It could be achieve if it will be initiated to the bottom level. We have to fulfill current market demand as well as to build up a strong skilled workforce and pool of Entrepreneur to face the future challenges. 

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